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A place to get planted.

From the color scheme to the kitchen towels, everything at The Haven Maternity Home has been designed with mama in mind. Life is hard, but here women can find the fresh start she and baby need. From the time women step in through the teal front door, they are met with peace, love, and beauty. She and baby are worth it.   

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Get a fresh start.

"Come on in. Take off your coat and shoes and all of the stress and burdens that the day has placed on your shoulders. It won’t always be easy here, but it will always be safe… A place for you to be your truest and most authentic self — even the not-so-shiny parts. Laugh, cry, be quiet, be angry. Be silly… ask your questions and dream your dreams. There is room for it all. Every bit." | Lindsay Sherbondy

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You're both worth it.

Who are you?

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